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Video and Animation

I specialise in creating a variety of compelling video and animation content to capture attention and get the message across. You might be looking to produce an instructional (explainer) or promo video, a product demo or simulation, web-based training or mobile learning.

Using video and animation is a perfect way of showing your audience how something works step-by-step. You might need to break down a complex process into bitesize chunks, replace your standard FAQs with something a little more visually appealing, or use video to onboard new customers and employees.

I can create content that is suitable for stand-alone videos, such as a ‘new product’ demo or business promo, or produce a series of videos to be used within an eLearning course context to introduce and reinforce new concepts, knowledge or behaviour.

Whatever you’re looking for,  my mantra is ‘keep it simple’, and my goal is to get your message across to your audience with complete clarity.

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Are you looking to revive old content, or create something fresh and new? Want to promote your business, or demo a product or process to your clients? I'd love to hear from you.

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